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Picky About Pepperoni – Costco

on January 14, 2013

December 22, 2012
Costco, Bellingham WA
Pepperoni Pizza

ImageAlways consistent, Costco is a go-to place for a quick meal whenever we cross the border to shop. Salads and hot dogs with sodas are musts. However, Dad was craving pizza this time and they had ran out of the Combo Pizza.

Thus, we tried the Pepperoni Pizza. The slices of pepperoni were crisp and salty, coming fresh out of the oven. They were a little greasy but nothing out of the ordinary. The dough was so chewy, a little dense, and had a very nice flour-y aroma. The cheese was gooey. It was everything you could expect from a slice of fast and cheap pizza – comforting and delicious when you are running on an empty stomach.

Costco on Urbanspoon


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