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Crippling Korean Cuisine – 景福宫-Kyung Bok Palace

on January 19, 2013

December 24, 2012
景福宫 – Kyung Bok Palace, Richmond BC
[Bean Sprouts, Potatoes, Kimchi]
香辣秘制猪肉饭 (Spicy Marinated Pork Sirloin with Vegetable on Steam Rice)
香辣海鲜豆腐汤 (Assorted Seafood in Soft Tofu Soup) 

ImageAfter grocery shopping for our Christmas Eve dinner, Mom and I visited 景福宫(Kyung Bok Palace) for a quick lunch that was cheap (food court prices!) and convenient. The restaurant was casual and large and was nowhere near filled at a late lunch hour. Being a Monday and Christmas Eve, that was expected. The service was horrible though. Mom got her dish and half an hour later, I got my soup. There were so many servers and not even that many customers that it was completely unacceptable.

We were served the complimentary side dishes of kimchi, garlic potatoes, and bean sprouts. The kimchi was sweet with a little bit of spice. The potatoes were soft but still firm and had a nice sweet flavour. The bean sprouts were a little odd in the savoury and sour flavour but were quite refreshing. While waiting forever for my order, I just munched on extra orders of these.

ImageMom ordered the 香辣秘制猪肉饭 (Spicy Marinated Pork Sirloin with Vegetable on Steam Rice). The slices of pork were nicely marinated with a sweet and savoury sauce and had a spicy kick. However, there was a somewhat pungent flavour that made us question the quality of the pork. It was also a little too tough. The vegetables, which included onions and a few other things, were okay. There were a lot of rice and was not the best Korean lunch dish ever. Thankfully, it was cheap.Image

I had the 香辣海鲜豆腐汤 (Assorted Seafood in Soft Tofu Soup) that took so long to arrive. The egg was overcooked by the time I ate it, or at least not runny. There was so much soft tofu instead of seafood. It was already a small pot. There was only one large shrimp, and it was not even that large. There were two dried, tiny shrimps, and perhaps a (VERY) few other pieces of assorted seafood.

I do not think Mom or myself will be returning any time soon. The food is mediocre, even for the low prices, and the service just bad. Either that or the kitchen is very inefficient. It really makes me wonder how they have stayed in business for so long.

Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮 on Urbanspoon


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