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Hot in Flavour and Temperature – 沸点-Boiling Point

on January 19, 2013

December 23, 2012
沸点 – Boiling Point, Richmond BC
韩式泡菜锅 (Korean Kimchi Hot Soup)

ImageChris and I went out for hot pot since it was so cold. Over individual pots of boiling, soupy goodness, we caught up with a semester’s worth of chit chat. 沸点 (Boiling Point) was quite casual and modern-looking. It was kind of cold at first, but the cool temperature was needed when drinking a whole pot of hot soup.

My 韩式泡菜锅 (Korean Kimchi Hot Soup) was so warm and comforting. The kimchi gave the soup a great spicy kick. I asked for medium spicy, which was certainly spicy enough, although I could have gone for most spicy and it should not have been a problem. The egg was freshly cracked into the hot pot so I ate it when it was still runny. The slices of beef were a little on the tough side but still tender enough. The variety of filled and regular fish ball and fish cake were generic – although I liked the pork filling – but added nice variety. I loved the cabbage and vermicelli noodles, though the latter was overcooked by the end and in very small pieces. It was served with a bowl of rice, which I ate with the kochujang and sweet soy sauce with garlic that was at the table. Those condiments added a whole new layer of flavour.

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