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A Coconut-y Christmas – Goldilocks

on January 21, 2013

ImageDecember 25, 2012
Goldilocks, Vancouver BC
Buko Pie

Christmas Day is always so relaxing and this year was no exception. You get up whenever you just happen to wake up. Then you greet everyone a good morning and a Merry Christmas as you raid the fridge. Then you snack throughout the day before raiding the fridge in the afternoon yet again. So that was what I did and this is what I ate.Image

The Buko Pie from Goldilocks was brought over my Auntie the day before. It was National Pumpkin Pie day, but hey, at least I was eating pie. This is a traditional Filipino twist on a coconut cream pie, minus the cream. The crust was not flaky, but rather crumbly, like a super large tart shell. It was lightly sweetened and I loved it. Inside had a layer of young coconut meat with custard. The coconut was chewy, slightly juicy and sweet, and very refreshing. The custard was sweeter and light, with two different textures. One was more moist and creamier surrounding the coconut meat, while the layer on the bottom held its shape better. This is by far my favourite pie ever, hands down. So sweet yet light and refreshing – just perfect for a relaxing Christmas Day. 

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