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Golden Arch Slimming – McDonald’s

on January 24, 2013

December 28, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Cranberry-Orange Slim Sensations Muffin

ImageDuring a morning jog to Steveston, I decided to drop into McDonald’s and see if they had the Oreo chocolate muffin. Unfortunately, they did not. However, I had already set my mind up for a muffin before heading home so I could not leave without having one.

I decided on the Cranberry-Orange Slim Sensations Muffin. The muffin base was light and slightly sweetened with a nice orange aroma. The cranberries were tart and I wish there had been more of it throughout the muffin. I was disappointed that the top was not crisp, but I think you have to be there literally when they come out of the oven and had just cooled down to get that perfect texture. It was light and refreshing, with all the citrusy, acidic flavour. 

McDonald's on Urbanspoon


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