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Rounds of Xmas – Tim Hortons

on January 24, 2013

December 28, 2012
Tim Hortons, Richmond BC
BBQ Hot Chicken Wrap
Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom Donut
Glazed Gingerbread Donut
Candy Cane Chocolate Donut
Ginger Molasses Cookie
Caramel Chocolate Pecan Cookie


Being Canadian means enjoying Tim Hortons, especially on a cold winter day. Although I do not generally get a double double, I do love escaping the chill by sitting in a warm little café, eating something sweet, and feeling very relaxed and comforting. The line was so long on this particular day that it did not have that homey sense. However, the food was still delicious.

The BBQ Hot Chicken Wrap was generic but a decent and light lunch. The chicken was tender enough, though not the best I have had. They were just a little bland. The BBQ sauce was flavourful but again, very generic. The crisp of the lettuce was refreshing and it was a few decent, healthy bites.Image

The Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom Donut was quite tasty. Not until I took my first bite did I realize just how much I had missed a simple donut with frosting and sprinkles. The crunch of pure sugar was so comforting. The raspberry jam in the middle was also nice.Image

The Glazed Gingerbread Donut was nicely spiced and quite sweet, especially with the sugar glaze. It was very dense but not at all overwhelmingly cloying because of the spice from the ginger. This, just like the other donuts, was very fresh.Image

The last donut, the Candy Cane Chocolate Donut, was a regular chocolate cake donut with candy cane bits on top. Mint and chocolate is one of my favourite holiday sweet combinations. Also, it was National Chocolate Candy Day, in the US at least. This donut had both! Chocolate can get overwhelming but the minty, fresh goodness cuts into that sweetness and makes it refreshing. This was the case with the donut.Image

I had to compare Timmy’s Ginger Molasses Cookie with that of Starbucks. This was noticeably smaller and thinner. It was not as soft and chewy. The center was okay but the edges were a little hard for my liking. However, this was more than 50% cheaper. My friend Rachel loves this cookie and the ginger with molasses flavour was very nicely blended.Image

Loving caramel, I just had to try the Caramel Chocolate Pecan Cookie. Full of caramel, chocolate, and pecans, it was nutty and sweet goodness through and through. I wish it were thicker so it would have been chewier. However, I was glad it was not hard. The chocolate and caramel flavours were not very strong so it was not too overwhelming.

I just could not go home without visiting Timmy’s at least once. Hey, this is what Canadians do. Next time, I will be sure to get that classic, the double double.

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