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Aloha! – Ezogiku

on January 26, 2013

December 29, 2012
Ezogiku, Honolulu HI
Seafood Champon
Wonton Ramen

ImageBack in Honolulu! Finally! Since it was late, we decided food court was our best bet. Thus, we found ourselves in the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. Just the feeling of being back amidst the festive decor was so great! It was not as warm as we hoped Honolulu would be, so we opted for bowls of hot, steamy ramen from Ezogiku.

The Seafood Champon had a milky-looking meat broth that was reasonably light. There was not as much seafood as we hoped but quite a good amount of chewy and tender calamari and shrimp. The large shrimp were good but the soup in general was slightly bland. I would have liked to see some more fish in there. The noodles were al dente, though, as they were freshly made.Image

The Wonton Ramen was not as bland but also just flavoured with too much MSG. It was flavourful, but not in the good, light kind of way. We were all very thirsty afterwards, although at the time it was savoury and good. Again, the noodles were good. The wonton had decent wrappers and the pork filling was also quite flavourful. The slice of pork was tender but also not incredibly flavourful.Image

We got a combo so it came with a serving of Gyoza. These were actually quite good. Freshly pan-fried, they had a slight crisp on the outside with the wrapper still chewy. The filling of pork and cabbage was flavourful, although I found the texture to be a little too mushy, with the pork not firm and bouncy enough. Perhaps there was too much flour mixed in with the meat. The flavour was good, though.

It was not the best meal we wanted but for the time being, it satisfied our growling stomachs with some comforting late night eats. Off to a great start for a Christmas vacation! This is only just the beginning. 


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