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Konichiwa and Aloha – Naniwa-ya Ramen

on January 26, 2013

December 30, 2012
Naniwa-ya Ramen, Honolulu HI
Kim Chee Ramen
Naniwa-ya Ramen

Bamboo Shoot


Yet another food joint that Mom and I had been craving since our last vacation to Hawaii – Naniwa-ya Ramen, a popular ramen joint in the famous Makai Food Court in Ala Moana Center. Only having it once last time, it was on top of our foods to revisit list.

We started with the spicy Kim Chee Ramen. Hot soup with hot chili flavours are my kind of thing. The kimchi really made the broth tasty and spicy. The noodles were cooked nicely. It was very flavourful but not from MSG. I really loved the soup with the garlic chips. The green scallion and bamboo shoots inside were also nice additions. We had this two more times during our time there, it was that good.Image

The Naniwa-ya Ramen had tender pork and chicken, in addition to the regular additions of bamboo shoots, ginger, bean sprouts, and garlic chips. The noodles were again nicely cooked to a chewy texture. The pork was actually really flavourful, having been marinated. The chicken was extremely tender and not dry at all as you would normally assume.Image

I asked for a side of Bamboo Shoot. It had that slightly stinky bamboo odour but with a touch of sweetness, it was my kind of a cold appetizer. The bamboo shoots were crunchy yet soft and the flavours were great.

Naniwa-ya Ramen always has a long line and it is no mystery why. They make everything to order and it is just so fresh, warm, and delicious. This is Japanese comfort food at its best in a food court!

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