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A Great Breakfast to Kick Start 2013 – Starbucks

on January 29, 2013

January 1, 2013
Starbucks, Honolulu HI
Croissant Sandwich
Chocolate Croissant


Happy New Year! This year will be amazing, I promise. Okay, now onto the post. There is literally a Starbucks around every corner in a North American metropolis. Walking from the Ilikai to Waikiki beach, I passed by at least three Starbucks.

I am not sure if this Croissant Sandwich with egg and ham is a special of Hawaii. It is certainly not on the online menu, and I have never seen it elsewhere. However, there is nothing so Hawaiian about it. It is simply their butter croissant with an egg omelet and savoury ham, along with a slice of processed the cheese. The ingredients worked together very well, actually. After being toasted, it was warm and savoury, with the croissant flaky and light.Image

The Chocolate Croissant would have been better had it been toasted as well. The croissant was airy and flaky but could have tasted moister and more buttery had it been warmed. There was not enough chocolate filling in my opinion, and what it did have was not sweet or rich enough. Although, if you prefer a darker chocolate, the filling would have been nice.Image

Two croissants, two flavours, two completely different experiences. I prefer the breakfast sandwich, hands down, because the flavours were much more complex and complete. However, it is difficult to compare two very different items, so let me just say they were both enjoyable on a sunny morning. 


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