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A Panda Bear’s Chicken – Panda Express

on January 30, 2013

January 3, 2013
Panda Express, Kahului HI
Firecracker Chicken Breast
Mushroom Chicken
Chow Mein


We were quite glad to have a Panda Express so close to the hotel. Sometimes, you just need that Asian flavour after a long day.

The Firecracker Chicken Breast was better. The chicken packed more flavor with a slight spicy kick. The spicy black pepper sauce also coated the vegetables – a mix of red and yellow peppers and onions – very well so that they were flavorful as well. It was nothing superb though.

The Mushroom Chicken was decent with chicken that had a generic but decent flavour. I did like the tender button mushrooms, though. The zucchini was okay but I do not like mine so greasy with the mild ginger soy sauce. This is not an entree I would have gotten but it tasted okay.

We got our two entrees to go with a side of Chow Mein. The noodles were al dente but cold from sitting outside for too long, like the two chicken entrees. That was probably because it was so late near closing time. The noodles were chewy enough and I enjoyed the cabbage. The other vegetables got lost without their prominent flavors, though.

During peak hours, I am sure the food would have been much better. Lesson learned: only get made to order items around closing time!

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