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Cheesy by the Beach – Starbucks

on January 31, 2013

ImageJanuary 4, 2013
Starbucks, Lahaina HI
Cheese Danish
Gingerbread Biscotti

What a beautiful beach at Whalers Village! All the lovely, relaxing resorts. I can totally stay here for a couple of weeks and just sit back, relax, and enjoy life! Sip on a cup of iced coffee in the morning with some delicious pastries and voila, there is the perfect start to a vacation day.

The Cheese Danish was the best danish I have had, not just at Starbucks. The sweet and creamy cheese was so delicious even Mom liked it. The pastry dough was flaky yet chewy and not overly greasy. I loved it. That cheese made the treat special, though!Image

The Gingerbread Biscotti was a Christmas special. It was hard and crunchy with a very aromatic ginger flavour. I loved the spice with the sugar frosting. It was simple but still very good. 

You have to know what to order at Starbucks. This particular one at the Marriot’s Maui Ocean Club villa had particularly expensive sandwiches and wraps. I would have tried them if I were staying there for a couple of days, though!


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