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A Hawaiian Native – Poi Bowl

on February 1, 2013

ImageJanuary 4, 2013
Poi Bowl, Honolulu HI
Local Boy Special

After returning to Honolulu, we went to Costco for food for the next two days but headed to Ala Moana… yet again… for dinner. This time, I decided to try some traditional Hawaiian cuisine besides the poke I had last time. Thus, I found myself in front of Poi Bowl. I was not excited by the already made food kept warm rather than being freshly made to order. However, it was the only option for Hawaiian cuisine around.

I settled for the Local Boy Special that included the signature Poi, Lau Lau, Kalua Pig, Chicken Long Rice, Lomi Salmon, and Haupia. Let me just say none of us liked the poi, the mashed up version of the taro’s corm. It tasted off to us and was rather disgusting. Perhaps we are just not used to it but the texture was like wet mashed potatoes, which was not the most textural in any way. The Lau Lau was my favourite. The pork inside was nicely steamed and simple, soaking up the taro leaves flavour. The leaves were cooked until they were completely limp and I loved the fresh aroma. The Kalua Pig was okay, with decently tender pork. It was flavourful but a bit salty for my liking. The Chicken Long Rice did not have much distinct taste apart from roasted shredded chicken. The Lomi Salmon was very salty and fishy but okay in small amounts. Finally, the Haupia was not bad. It was a coconut pudding that was bouncy and sweet.

Overall, all of us found Hawaiian food very disappointing. I think I will stick with poke from now on and maybe a serving of lau lau just so I can eat some delicious taro leaves!

Ala Moana Poi Bowl on Urbanspoon


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