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Just Fresh – Hibachi-San

on February 1, 2013

ImageJanuary 6, 2013
Hibachi-San, Honolulu HI
Oishii Salad

To add some greens for dinner, my only option left at closing time was the Oishii Salad from Hibachi San. It was a bed of romaine lettuce with corn, edamame, tofu, tomatoes, and candied walnuts. It was National Bean Day so the edamame and tofu were fitting. The side of soy vinaigrette was quite generic. It was a small portion for $6.49 plus tax but how many salads are actually worth their price these days? The tomatoes were not very tart and the other vegetables were simple. There were three cubes of soft tofu that was also bland. Only the candied walnuts tasted good and that is because in addition to the crunch, they had a thick sugary honey-based coating. Sweet flavors are always welcome, well… most of the time.

Hibachi-San on Urbanspoon


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