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Prickly Pineapples! – Plantation Grille

on February 1, 2013

ImageJanuary 5, 2013
Plantation Grille, Wahiawa HI
Dole Whip Cup with Topping
Pineapple Strudel

On our second to last day in the happiest state, we explored the western half of Oahu, driving to the north shore and the west shore. It was a beautiful day and we spotted rainbows. Every time we got back in the car to drive a couple of miles to the next destination, it would start pouring. The thundershowers passed quickly though. On our journey north, we stopped first at the Dole Plantation. Thinking we did not have much time, we did not go on the train or garden tours, opting to just explore the small garden open to everyone and sample some pineapple treats at the Plantation Grille.

The Dole Whip Cup with Topping was the best and freshest pineapple ice cream any of us ever had. It was aromatic, lightly sweetened, tart, creamy, and very smooth. It was just so refreshing and good. The topping was chopped up pineapple chunks that were also very fresh and delicious. Literally everyone in the plantation was eating ice cream in some form.Image

I also tried the Pineapple Strudel and loved it. It was fresh but with pineapple in a sticky jam-like base, it was quite sweet. The flaky strudel was freshly baked and not too creasy. It was a delicious and flaky bite of pineapple pastry.Image

Lunch here looks decent enough but it is also quite pricey. I would definitely suggest getting some pineapple treat, though!


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