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Simply Superb Seafood Spaghetti – Mama’s Spaghetti House

on February 1, 2013

January 6, 2013
Mama’s Spaghetti House, Honolulu HI
Shrimp Marinara

ImageHaving arrived once again minutes from closing time at Ala Moana Center for dinner, Mom and I almost ran to get food. Luckily, we got in before they completely closed the doors. Lesson learned from before, we got made to order items to ensure quality. Mom once again settled for an order of Kim Chee Ramen from Naniwa-ya Ramen. I went next door to Mama’s Spaghetti House.

The Shrimp Marinara was absolutely delicious. I wanted some kind of fresh seafood in the sweet and tart marinara sauce. Luckily, this came with mushrooms as well. The shrimp were juicy with such a bouncy bite to them. There were quite a few of them as well. The spaghetti was perfectly al dente and the sauce was nicely seasoned. It was not too thick and very flavorful from the tartness of the tomatoes. For $10.59 plus tax, this was such a steal.

Mama's Spaghetti House on Urbanspoon


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