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Rushing for Fast Food – McDonald’s

on February 3, 2013

ImageJanuary 7, 2013
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Bacon Chicken Snack Wrap
Chocolate Raspberry Pie

I had one day to try the new items McDonald’s Canada was churning out in the new year before heading back to Philly. Knowing me, it is not surprising I took full advantage of it!Image

The Bacon Chicken Snack Wrap was not a new item. I remember this from a couple of years ago. The grilled chicken strip was tender enough but there was not enough crispy bacon. It seemed like bacon bits rather than one large piece. There was enough sauce to make it decently flavorful at least.Image

The Chocolate Raspberry Pie was also interesting. This is completely new as far as I am aware. The chocolate pie shell was crumbly and not too sweet. The raspberry filing had quite a strong but generic raspberry flavour. It was preserve-like and rather sweet and tart. It was also very red.Image

New items are always exciting so I really hope McDonald’s keep it up, especially since all the other chain restaurants have picked up on this trend and is really churning out specials fast!


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