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A Students’ Fave – Bui’s Lunch Truck

on February 4, 2013

January 13, 2013
Bui’s Lunch Truck, Philadelphia PA
Hangover Special


After my Sunday late morning workout, I was craving a savoury egg and cheese hoagie, one of those large and cheap things from a food truck. Philly is so well known for these fast food establishments, especially the ones that sell cheesesteaks and other hoagie sandwiches. I find eggs and cheese to be one of my favourite combinations, in addition to some kind of savoury meat such as bacon or sausage. Well, I got all of these, and more at the very popular Bui’s Lunch Truck, which is slightly pricier but at the same time, is many students’ favourite. What a perfect way to celebrate National Egg Month and National Meat Month!Image

I got their famous Hangover Special, which is eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, and ham on a long roll. According to other students, the best thing about Bui’s is the Bui’s sauce, which I asked for of course. The guy there could barely speak English, but the lady could, and she gave me egg whites without me paying for extra since I asked about it because it was not on the menu. The roll was huge, and absolutely hearty. The egg whites were light and the cheese generic but still tasty and melted into the roll. The sausage patties, cut into thick strips, were juicy and savoury. Surprisingly, I did not mind the ham, as it added to the flavour. The bacon was crispy but came in little bits rather than whole strips so there was not much of it. The Bui’s sauce was good, for sure, although it just seemed like a mixture of hot sauce and mayonnaise. It really gave the sandwich a kick and brought out a lot of flavours though. The roll was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, which I liked, soaking up the sauce and cheese. It was also not very greasy despite all the meat. This was such a comforting breakfast item, and at $5.50, quite a good deal. 

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