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Cool and Classy – Kiwi Yogurt

on February 4, 2013

ImageJanuary 12, 2013
Kiwi Yogurt, Philadelphia PA
Classic with a Hint of Lime (Cheesecake, Key Lime w/ Cheesecake)

I thought I might be a little insane wanting frozen yogurt, but it was crowded so I was clearly not the only one! Just needing something cold and tart, I made my way to Kiwi Yogurt and got a bowl of the Kiwi Kreation Classic with a Hint of Lime. It consisted of Homemade Key Lime Cheesecake yogurt, which is a mixture of the Cheesecake and Key Lime yogurts, with fresh cheesecake on top. The cheesecake yogurt was sweet, rich, and creamy while the key lime flavour was so tart and absolutely refreshing. The two mixed nicely. Adding the small cubes of fresh New York cheesecake made the treat more creamy and appetizing. The key lime’s tartness really made it for me, though!


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