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Pad Thai in the Cold – The Real Le Anh

on February 4, 2013

ImageJanuary 10, 2013
The Real Le Anh, Philadelphia PA
Snow Pea Shrimp
Tofu Pad Thai

I was craving cheap, generic, and extremely comforting pad thai from a food truck. With meetings running late every night, my only choice was The Real Le Anh. 

The Snow Pea Shrimp was somewhat disappointing. That was actually my own fault, as I have, yet again, mistaken snow peas for snow pea leaves or tips. I wanted some leafy greens but did not have a clear head. It was just too cold outside. The shrimp were a little overdone but not too bad. The snow peas were, well, snow peas. The light gravy sauce did not offer much in the way of flavour besides a little savoury soy with some starch as thickener. Image

The Tofu Pad Thai was good. It was a mostly ketchup based sauce, but I love sweet and sour. There was a decent amount of tofu and eggs, as well as an array of vegetables. The rice noodles stuck together, though, so while some parts were lovely and covered in sauce, other parts were bland and clumpy. I did wish the eggs were a little lighter and not as overcooked.

I appreciate The Real Le Anh for serving pad thai, green papaya salad, and other Thai and Vietnamese favourites despite being a Chinese food cart. The lady running this food cart is just so nice, patiently answering each of my questions. But somehow, I still managed to mis-order. I blame the bone-chilling wind. 


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