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A Queen No More – Steak Queen

on February 5, 2013

ImageJanuary 16, 2013
Steak Queen, Philadelphia PA
Eggs Sub
Campus Steak

Finally, Steak Queen was open and I was able to try some of their subs. They have quite an extensive menu and are slightly cheaper than Bui’s just down the street but not as inexpensive as Hemo’s or George’s. Image

The Eggs Sub was certainly more of a Vietnamese bánh mì so I was quite surprised it was labeled as a sub. They also had other meat toppings as options. I asked for egg whites, which were at no additional charge. I loved the combination of the eggs with the pickled daikon and carrots. The cucumbers added more crunch and the jalapenos were perfect since it was Hot and Spicy Food Day. It added a kick to the sandwich. The Queen’s Sauce that was supposed to be on there was very bland and I could not taste much of it.Image

The Campus Steak came with provolone and roasted red peppers. The peppers were juicy but the steak was not exactly. It was okay but slightly dry and tough. However, there was moisture that soaked into the bread. There could have been more cheese as well.Image

I do not think I will frequent Steak Queen because they do not offer too many special items. Their portions are not as huge as some claim them to be before. They also seem to be running on a weird schedule as sometimes they would just not be there when they should be. 


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