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Grab that Mac – Mac Mart

on February 26, 2013

February 13, 2013
Mac Mart, Philadelphia PA
Marts’ Mac


ImageA night to celebrate Valentine’s brought the Mac Mart to students. The actual truck itself is hot pink and yellow, so bright, eye-catching, and very girly. However, it draws attention so that is at least successful.

Despite the absence of the truck, they were serving up the regular size (Mac’n) of the Marts’ Mac, just like they would regularly serve it out of the truck. The macaroni was a little overdone, but not by much. Thus, the texture was still good. The five cheese and secret spices blend were slightly on the bland side for me and I could have used a sharper, cheesier flavour. Perhaps it was a little watered down? It was very creamy, though, and there was definitely enough cheese sauce. My favourite part was the buttered panko bread crumbs, which added a crunch to the mushy texture and a lovely, slightly burnt, buttery taste. I like my mac and cheese with a dash of ketchup, and I have to say, if I got this out of a food truck, I would be happy with the home-made recipe.

Mac Mart Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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