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Sweets in the Hub – HubBub Coffee

on February 26, 2013

February 12, 2013
HubBub Coffee, Philadelphia PA
Cinnamon Roll
Pain au Chocolat

ImageI went to a presentation by a Penn alum who is the founder of the HubBub Coffee truck on campus. It was very interesting to hear about the business, and to enjoy some of the treats that they get regularly from Au Fournil.

The Cinnamon Roll was absolutely scrumptious and probably would have been even more amazing if it was toasted. The roll itself was soft and full of swirled cinnamon and sugar. The icing was also great. It was a very sweet but satisfying cinnamon roll, and huge as well. This will make anyone happy in the morning with a coffee.Image

The Pain au Chocolat was a bit disappointing. The pastry dough was flaky and soft, a little moist and doughy, the way I like it. However, the chocolate inside was cold and frozen, almost hard. There was also very little of it. This pastry definitely needed to be toasted and more chocolate would have been good.Image

These pastries from Au Fournil can also be found in Capogiro and I would think a few other places as well. They were very fresh so despite HubBub not making it themselves, these would be fine to go along with the coffee that they sell.


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