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Best on the Street – Street Food Philly

on February 27, 2013

February 15, 2013
Street Food Philly, Philadelphia PA
Korean Fried Chicken Tacos
Truffle Parmesan Fries
Chocolate Chip Cookie

ImageMost food trucks around Drexel’s campus was closed around 2:30 so I decided to visit Street Food Philly, one of the only ones that were still serving late lunches. The guy was so nice and had superb service. He knows how to draw business.

I ordered one of their specials, the Korean Fried Chicken Tacos. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the batter was decent and not too thick. It soaked up the soy glaze nicely. I found the glaze to be a bit too salty, though, and the sesame seeds and scallions did not do too much to add to the flavours. I would have liked more of that pickled daikon. It was tangy and sweet, and very crunchy. The tacos had that processed corn taste, which made it comfort food.Image

I got a complimentary order of the Truffle Parmesan Fries as they were out of a full portion of the Lobster Risotto Arancini (I got the last three pieces for free and thy were flavorful, crispy, and delicious!) and the Mixed Green Salad. The fries were crisp, thick, and mushy on the inside. The flavour was toned down but there was definitely seasoning. I liked the shaved Parmesan and the homemade ketchup. The cheese melted and the ketchup, while a little watered down and not very sweet, was certainly fresh.Image

Finally, he also gave me a Chocolate Chip Cookie since I was the lucky gal who got the last order form. It was a bit crunchy on the edges but had so many gooey chocolate chunks inside! The cookie was not overwhelmingly sweet and clearly quite fresh.

It was certainly worth the trip over to Drexel. The food truck culture over there includes so much fusion comfort foods rather than the gyros and Chinese food on Penn’s campus. The people serving food are also so much more fun and nice.

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