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Cabbage, Country Lentils, Cheesecake… and Cockroach! – Così

on March 1, 2013

February 17, 2013
Così, Philadelphia PA
Korean BBQ Pork Bowl
Country Lentil Soup
Cheesecake Brownie

13-02-17 - Korean BBQ Pork Bowl - CosìIt was National Cabbage Day so I dropped by Così to get a Korean BBQ Pork Bowl for dinner. The Asian cabbage slaw on top was actually really good, sweet and tangy. The cabbage and various vegetables were quite crunchy and refreshing. The BBQ pork was actually really flavourful as well, not overwhelming, but sweet and comforting. The pork was tender enough although it was slightly hard to pull apart and was by no means melt-in-your-mouth. The grains were a little greasy, though, but they should not be since it is just grains and rice.
13-02-17 - Country Lentil Soup - CosìThe Country Lentil Soup was decent and had a strong tomato and vegetable taste. It was thick enough but not too much that it was no longer a soup. The lentils added texture and the ingredients were fresh and hearty.13-02-17 - Cheesecake Brownie - Così

The Cheesecake Brownie had a slight pungent cheese smell. It was more like a thin layer of cheese-flavoured dense cake on top of a fudge brownie. The heart shapes were cute, I though. The entire dessert was dense and chewy, the way I like my brownies to be.

Così can have a really long wait time. The staff at this particular one seem very inefficient. There are so many of them yet food comes out so slow. It takes forever every time I am there. Also, I spotted a cockroach on the wall behind the counter and that was not very comforting. Let’s hope they do not get near the actual food itself.

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