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Mexican, French, What Have You – Street Food Philly

on March 17, 2013

February 27, 2013
Street Food Philly, Philadelphia PA
BBQ Roast Pork Burrito
Coq Au Vin

ImageSince they sold out of both of these by the time I went on Monday, I was not able to try them. So, I asked them to save me an order of each through Twitter and they were very happy to oblige. Image

The BBQ Roast Pork Burrito was huge and very flavorful. The chipotle BBQ flavor was definitely present in the roast pork, which was just a tad tough and dry. The white beans were great, as were the crunchy cabbage and cheddar cheese. However, there was a bit too much white rice for my liking, especially since it clumped up a little and some bites were a bit bland. Image

The Coq Au Vin, besides being a tad too greasy, was delicious. The chicken was very juicy and the portion was decent enough for $10. I was not crazy about the sliced crispy potatoes, but they were good and those who love potatoes would probably like it. I loved the pearl onions (so good!), mushrooms, carrots, and celery in the stew. The flavour was a full, rich one, and thus very good.

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