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Authentic Unagi At Last – 権八-Gonpachi

on March 25, 2013

March 4, 2013
権八 – Gonpachi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
石焼うなぎめし (Unagi Meshi)
かけそば (Kake Soba)

ImageAfter exploring the art museum near Roppongi Hills, we were all hungry and ready for our first authentic Japanese meal. However, being tourists from North America, it was a little ironic that we visited Gonpachi, the restaurant where Kill Bill was filmed. Walking inside, we spotted a wall of photos with celebrities at the restaurant – Lady Gaga, Prime Minister Harper, Stevie Wonder, and so on. We saw some familiar faces that day!

My first legit bowl of unagi rice came in the form of Gonpachi’s 石焼うなぎめし (Unagi Meshi), with fresh water eel pieces scattered through the hot fried rice and avocado. The unagi was so flavourful and tender but I wished there were more of the actual eel. However, I loved the flavour that seeped into the rice. It was wonderfully savoury and sweet and the rice was not overdone at all. The nori and pepper seasoning were a nice touch.Image

I also tried my friend’s かけそば (Kake Soba), which was plain noodles served in a bowl of hot broth. That broth was sweet and so flavourful – I loved it. It was just so nice to have on such a chilly day. The added condiments on the side were great touches to add.Image

We also helped ourselves to some miso soup with pork, self-serve salad station, and some fruit in yogurt as dessert. The restaurant was so beautifully decorated that it is certainly a must try for anyone from North America!


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