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Rah Rah Ramen! 一蘭-Ichiran

on March 27, 2013

March 4, 2013
一蘭 (Ichiran), Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
ラーメン (Ramen)

ImageOur lovely leader showing us around Tokyo really wanted to take us to his favourite ramen place when we had some free time in Shibuya. Also, it was just perfect as March was National Noodle Month. Finally, some legit noodles! It was so busy, people bustling everywhere and just generally crowded. It was a must-try – ramen – when you go to Japan, obviously, so my friends and I decided to follow our leader and try a bowl for ourselves at 一蘭 (Ichiran).

Their type of ramen – they only offer one type – is simply called ラーメン (Ramen). It is a tonkotsu (pork-based soup) ramen with a secret sauce and some chilli paste to give it a spicy flavour. We got a ticket from the machine, put our money in, and then filled out a form to customize our ramen. I opted for ‘strong’ flavor, ‘light’ richness’, regular garlic, thin green onion, sliced pork, regular secret sauce, and medium noodle texture. Image

The noodles were thin, al dente, and really tasty. The spicy broth was rich and extremely flavourful. I could have used more spicy flavour, though. The pork was tender and thin and overall, I was extremely pleased. The green onions made it refreshing and I just could not stop drinking that soup! It was just so, so, SO good. The tonkotsu broth really made it just absolutely wonderful. This was literally the best ramen I have ever had, although that does not surprise me one bit.


3 responses to “Rah Rah Ramen! 一蘭-Ichiran

  1. Troo says:

    Well, now I’m hungry again! Thank you for that 😉

    Seriously though, whereabouts is Ichiran? The ramen looks superb! I think I may have to try it!

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