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Gimme Gimme that Shabu-shabu – えこひいき

on April 3, 2013

March 5, 2013
えこひいき, Taitō, Tokyo, Japan
豚のしゃぶしゃぶ鍋 {Shabu-shabu}
“まずは”枝豆 {Edamame}
サーモンカルパッチョ {Salmon Carpaccio}
マルゲリータのナンピザ {Margherita Pizza}
揚げジャコのカリカリサラダ {Fried Crispy Sardines Salad}
白身魚のフライとポテトフライ {Fish & Chips}
うどん {Udon}

ImageA huge group of Eiichiro’s friends took us shopping around Asakusa and then we all went to have all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu nearby. What a party it was! All of it surrounded by delicious, spicy food that left all of us in a food coma very quickly.Image

First, the 豚のしゃぶしゃぶ鍋 {Shabu-shabu} was a spicy broth base served with unlimited plates of pork, bean sprouts, and cabbage. The pork were not incredibly thin and stuck to each other. The fat made the soup very oily and I had to clean the oil in it half way through so it did not become too disgusting. I loved the spicy soup and the slightly sweet cabbage together, though!Image

A few appetizers were also served, including the “まずは”枝豆 {Edamame}. These were boiled to perfection, soft but not mushy.Image

The サーモンカルパッチョ {Salmon Carpaccio} was nice but very fishy. The fish was so fresh and chewy though! I loved the texture. The sauce was okay and I actually enjoyed the pureed daikon on top. Image

I’m not sure if what we had was their マルゲリータのナンピザ {Margherita Pizza} as it did not have basil, just some parsley or other herbs on top. However, it was very cheesy and delicious. I love gooey, melted cheese and a flavourful marinara sauce. The crust was chewy and soft. The shape was kind of funny, I thought.Image

I’m also unsure of the salad, which seems – after some online searching – to be 揚げジャコのカリカリサラダ {Fried Crispy Sardines Salad}. It was more like a green salad with tomatoes, small radish slices, lots of romaine, and a small mound of some sort of bonito flake-like strips on top that were very fishy. I loved the acidic yet sweet salad dressing. The Asian taste is very much suitable for my palate!Image

Another dish came halfway through – the 白身魚のフライとポテトフライ {Fish & Chips}. The fish was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. I enjoyed this comfort food, although, like the pizza, it was out of place at such a restaurant! The fries were very generic.Image

Finally, we also got small dishes of うどん {Udon} to put into the shabu shabu. They were quite al dente and went nice with the spicy soup.

Such a nice party, filled with way too much food! It is amazing how crazy large parties with university students can get. Lots of food and lots to drink, and everyone laughed the night away.


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