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Simple Yet Sophisticated Sushi – 鮨善

on April 5, 2013

March 6, 2013
鮨善, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
並すし {Average Sushi Set}
ちらし {Chirashi}
{Miso Soup}

ImageI had been waiting ever since we got to Japan for some legit sushi. I mean, who goes to Japan without eating the best sushi ever? So, we all went as a group to 鮨善 in Minato. I loved the cushion seats and the whole feel of the restaurant. It was small but meticulous, with colorful photo depictions of all the different types on the walls in both Japanese and English.

I ordered a large (1.5 size) 並すし {Average Sushi Set} for 1580 yen. From the top left, going clockwise: tekkamaki (tuna roll), hirame (flounder), sayori (halfbeak), ebi (prawn), tamago (egg), maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail), another maguro, iwashi (sardine), tako (octopus), and saba (mackerel). I like how the wasabi is already put in between the fish and the rice, and it was particularly strong and fresh. The rice was very chewy, a little underdone, the way I like it. The sweet and vinegar tastes were great. My favourites were the tamago and the tuna. The tako (octopus) was really hard to chew and some of the other fish were very fishy, especially the sardine, which I did not enjoy as much. The ebi was okay and I am not a sushi connoisseur to be able to comment on the hirami, sayori, hamachi, and saba.Image

The ちらし {Chirashi} was also an array of fish, some of which are the same as the lunch set. This had a lot of rice underneath so you can eat sashimi and rice in the ratio of your own choosing. I really enjoyed the pickled, yellow daikon and cucumbers in this one, as well as the side of what I believe is some mix of plum and seaweed. Actually, I’m not really sure, but it was salty and good!Image

Finally, they served everyone a bowl of miso soup that was made with fish bones. The broth was really savory and delicious, pairing with the sushi very nicely. Overall, this lunch was very satisfying for all of us!


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