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Oh My! Okonomiyaki Galore – 惚太郎

on April 6, 2013

March 6, 2013
惚太郎, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
五目(豚肉・エビ・ホタテ・ゲソ)もんじゃ焼 {Subgum (Pork, Shrimp, Scallops, Tentacles)}
シーフードもんじゃ焼 {Seafood}
チーズ もんじゃ焼 {Cheese}
そばカレーもんじゃ焼 {Soba Curry}
チーズもちもんじゃ焼 {Cheese Mochi}
エビもんじゃ焼 {Shrimp}
シーフード(和風味)もんじゃ焼 {Seafood (Japanese Flavor)}
シーフードガーリックもんじゃ焼 {Seafood Garlic}

ImageAfter exploring the shrine and the cute shops in the market at Kamakura, we were all tired and super pumped for some all-you-can-eat okonomiyaki. This type of traditional Japanese pancake comes with a variety of ingredients – meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, egg, even mochi(!) – in a variety of flavours – garlic, traditional Japanese, curry. Image

The 五目 (豚肉・エビ・ホタテ・ゲソ) もんじゃ焼 {Subgum (Pork, Shrimp, Scallops, Tentacles)} was perhaps the most traditional. The pork was a little tough since we overcooked it a little. It was hard to judge whether it was done in the center and took a while for us to get used to using the grill. Image

I loved the fresh seafood in the シーフードもんじゃ焼 {Seafood}. The scallops were my favourite and the tentacles were nice and chewy. There could have been more seafood but it was still delicious. 

The チーズもんじゃ焼 {Cheese} one was great for vegetarians. The cheese was really mild and tasted very processed. However, this is Asia so it was not like I expected some lovely aged cheddar or crumbly, salty bleu cheese.Image

The そばカレーもんじゃ焼 {Soba Curry} was very interesting. The curry was very generic but strong and thus provided great flavour. The soba noodles added an interesting twist – grilled noodles!

The チーズもちもんじゃ焼 {Cheese Mochi} was also unique. Who would have thought to take mochi and cheese and grill them together? I always associated mochi with sweet treats and dessert so this was something new for me!Image

The エビもんじゃ焼 {Shrimp} was supposed to be shrimp tempura of some sort, with a little extra batter. More shrimp would have been nice. 

The シーフード (和風味)もんじゃ焼 {Seafood (Japanese Flavor)} had a tangy sweet sauce, which I guess is the ‘Japanese flavor.’ It was actually quite good. I enjoyed the vegetables in this one a lot, along with all the seafood of course!

Finally, we had the シーフードガーリックもんじゃ焼 {Seafood Garlic}. Yay for more seafood! The garlic flavour was there but not particularly strong. It was nice but nothing too outrageously different and unexpected.Image

We also went a little crazy with the three different sauces – a plum sauce, a more traditional barbecue/teriyaki sauce, and mayonnaise – as well as the delicious, moving bonito flakes! Those flakes were dancing and so beautiful yet fishy. We were so full by the end and very much looking forward to the hour-long train ride so that we would have time to wear off our food coma. By the end, we were literally all just picking at our plates and not talking. Imagine getting tired from eating too much! That’s what you get here!


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