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Takoyaki At Long Last – 京たこ (Octopus Ball)

on April 6, 2013

March 7, 2013
京たこ (Octopus Ball), Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
元祖京たこ (Original)

ImageA friend decided she must try takoyaki at least once. A takoyaki is so popular back in Vancouver. These little fried fritters are made with chopped octopus and usually cabbage and a few other things in a batter and then drizzled with sauce and bonito flakes. The one we tried, the 元祖京たこ (Original), in Akihabara was especially tasty. It was freshly fried and burning hot, scorching all our tongues. The flavour was great, especially the almost wet batter inside with the savoury and sweet sauce and the mayonnaise. However, I did not get much octopus in mine. I did love the dancing bonito flakes, though!


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