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Out of the Water and Onto the Plate – 築地すし鮮 (Tsukiji Sushi Sen)

on April 7, 2013

March 8, 2013
築地すし鮮 (Tsukiji Sushi Sen), Chūō, Tokyo, Japan
とろろ茶碗蒸し {Chawanmushi}
イタキャタピラオーバーロール {Caterpillar Roll}
海鮮たっぷり丼 {Seafood Don}
玉子 {Tamago Sushi}
[Miso Soup]

ImageAfter our incredibly cool visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market and looking at the variety of fresh catch of the day, we were craving to try some of the freshest seafood for ourselves. The samples we tried were so good that we could not pass up this opportunity for another amazing sushi lunch. Thus, we found the Tsukiji Sushi Sen and decided to step in.

We started off with complimentary とろろ茶碗蒸し {Chawanmushi}. The egg custard was so soft and delicate. I loved the shiitake mushrooms inside this traditional appetizer!Image

Casey opted for a very cute イタキャタピラオーバーロール {Caterpillar Roll}. The fish roe eyes just stared up at us. The seafood was very fresh and the avocado creamy. The salmon was really good and so was the rice. However, there was nothing amazing flavour-wise. The mayonnaise did not do much to elevate it. Image

I ordered the 海鮮たっぷり丼 {Seafood Don} with various pieces of fresh sashimi. The fish was incredibly fresh and of top quality. From left to right, I had (I think): octopus, halfbeak, pink snapper, salmon, squid, bluefin tuna, scallop, and medium fatty tuna. The bluefin tuna was especially tasty. The octopus (tako) and squid (ika) were so chewy and hard to eat. They were also very fishy. The other assortment were all decent and paired nicely with the bowl of tasty sushi rice. Image

Another friend ordered many pieces of 玉子 {Tamago Sushi}. The sweet egg was so fluffy and airy but firm enough. I love these sweet egg omelettes. These were particularly chewy over delicious vinegary rice. 


The [Miso Soup] was very good as well since it was made from fish bones. I love a rich bowl of miso soup, not greasy and very refreshing and flavourful. This was such a great lunch and on this super warm and sunny day, our moods were all lightened and it was just delightful to be able to spend the final day in Japan this way. 


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