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Swimming Waffles – 鯛プチ (Tai Putit)

on April 7, 2013

March 6, 2013
鯛プチ (Tai Putit), Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
チョコレート (Chocolate)
カスタード (Custard)
抹茶 (Maccha)
いちごミルク (Strawberry Milk)
バナナ (Banana)
プレイン (Plain)
十勝あん豆乳入り (TOKACHI Anko in Soymilk)
黒糖 (Kokutou)

ImageGetting off the hour long train to Kamakura, we were all very sleepy. What woke us up was the wafting aroma of these taiyaki or petit sea bream, mini fish-shaped waffles with various fillings – chocolate, custard, banana, strawberry milk, TOKACHI anko in soymilk (red bean paste), kokutou (brown sugar), matcha, and plain. One of my favourite was the kokutou that tasted like melted maple sugar. The matcha, custard, strawberry, and banana were both creamy and the red bean paste was a classic. The chocolate was not too sweet and the plain was, well, plain. The waffles themselves were sweet and warm. These were so addicting!


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