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Po Boy Up North – Beck’s Cajun Cafe

on April 21, 2013

March 21, 2013
Beck’s Cajun Cafe, Philadelphia PA
Fried Shrimp Po Boy

ImageIt was National French Bread Day and it is hard to find a baguette sandwich on campus. So, I went all the way over the 30th Street Station and decided some Cajun/Creole cuisine was in order. It was rather expensive for a cafe in a train station, although the freshly made food is rather higher quality than some of the other places. I do wish they did not keep their sides under the warmer, though.

The Fried Shrimp Po Boy was quite nice. The fried butterfly shrimp had such a nice crunchy batter but was not too greasy. The shrimp inside was so tender and succulent. It was stuffed with tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. The Creole mayo had some seasoning spice flavour and was creamy but there could have been more on the toasty French baguette. Image

The Jambalaya had some really nice flavour, though I wish there was more andouille sausage, chicken, and shrimp. There was barely any pieces of chicken and what was there was a little tough. The sausage had good flavour and the tomato and seasoning flavours overall was strong and great. The rice was cooked nicely but freshly-made would have been piping hot rather than just warm.

They had a discount offer online but did not honour it, claiming they had no idea about the student discount. They were also very confused on the price for a small order of the Jambalaya. The employees really need to get it together and know exactly how the cafe does its pricing and promotions.


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