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A Food Cart, not a Romance Movie – Casablanca

on April 23, 2013

March 28, 2013
Casablanca, Philadelphia PA
Chicken & Falafel Platter

ImageMy lunch the day before of the gyro, chicken, and falafel over rice brought out cravings for this kind of food. However, there were only so many options around Penn. Also, since it was National Something On a Stick Day, I decided to check out Casablanca, operated by a really nice Chinese woman.

The Chicken & Falafel Platter was made with chicken kebab that was taken off a metal skewer just before they are served. I asked for both white and hot sauce like I always do, but their hot sauce was made from ground chili peppers. You can still see all the red chili peppers and it was extremely hot, especially the seeds! My mouth was completely on fire. The chicken was bland, though, and kind of tough. However, they seemed healthier to me and there were five large pieces. I really enjoyed the side salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, cilantro, and some other kind of herb. They were marinated in a sweet lime juice and tasted so refreshing. The hummus and falafel, which were on the small side, were also quite decent. 


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