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First Impressions – Famous Città Pizzeria

on April 23, 2013

March 26, 2013
Famous Città Pizzeria, Philadelphia PA
Mushroom & Spinach Pizza

ImageIt was National Spinach Day so I decided to pay a visit to Famous Città Pizzeria. This was somewhat nostalgic as the first and only other time I had lunch here was the first day I arrived in Philly during Preview Days. Dad and I did not know the area and it was late so pizza was our solution. Before we saw anything else on campus, we had pizza.

The Mushroom & Spinach Pizza had plenty of toppings. I liked the combination and the vegetable aroma from the spinach. The cheese was bland, though, and the crust was so thin there was new chew. At least it was crispy. I also would have liked more marinara sauce as the tomato flavor was very faint. This was definitely not worth $3.35 plus tax, since even Fresh Grocer pizza tastes the same if not better. I guess I will not be eating here again anytime soon.


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