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New but Not Famous – New York’s Famous Gyro

on April 23, 2013

ImageMarch 27, 2013
New York’s Famous Gyro, Philadelphia PA
Chicken w/ Falafel
Combo Rice Platter
Lamb w/ Falafel

A new cart is in town. New York’s Famous Gyro recently came to serve lunch on Penn’s campus – another Mediterranean/Halal food cart. I was really craving some aromatic rice, especially some that are slightly undercooked and drizzled with yogurt and hot sauces. However, when I asked for the platter with lamb gyro and falafel, he gave me chicken and falafel, and then added more lamb on top so as to not have to remake it. Thus, I ended up with all three of their combinations: the Chicken w/ Falafel, Combo Rice Platter, and Gyro w/ Falafel.Image

The chicken had a light spice rub but was not exactly very flavourful. It was not the most tender and moist chicken I have had either. However, the lamb was juicy and tender. The falafel balls were not very large but they were crispy on the outside. The crushed chickpeas had a very rough texture, which I really liked, so you can tell they were actually mostly made out of non-filler ingredients. The rice was just what I was looking for so it was a fairly satisfying meal. However, the sauces and especially the meat needed to be more flavourful. More spices please!


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