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NY No More – New York Gyro

on April 27, 2013

March 30, 2013
New York Gyro, Philadelphia PA
Chicken over Rice

ImageSo I was on my fifth straight day of eating various forms of Chicken over Rice. This time, it was back in Philly at New York Gyro. I’ve seen so many people constantly lined up by the small food cart. All my friends say it is the best Chicken over Rice. And I’m glad to say, they were correct.

The chicken came in a whole bag of chili and spices marinade, making it almost bright red. It was then cooked until it was juicy and tender on the grill. I waited so long, though, because he made a new batch and stacked nearly twenty boxes with rice and salad before he started putting the chicken in. Then he put the white and hot sauces on five of them before handing them out. It took around twenty minutes, which for a food cart meant to be fast, is totally unacceptable. The rice was ‘al dente’ and fragrant, though, with the chicken tasting absolutely delicious despite the extremely powerful hot sauce that again caused my stomach to be uneasy. A little less next time, and with such a generous portion, this is the place for Chicken over Rice!


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