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Louder Than a Baby – Baby Blues BBQ

on May 22, 2013

April 28, 2013
Baby Blues BBQ, Philadelphia PA
“Get Down Miss Brown”

ImageI went with a group of friends to Baby Blues BBQ to celebrate the end of a project. We happened upon their first party outdoors this year so it was extremely loud, almost impossible to hear one another. It was certainly a lively environment but sitting by the window, it was not good for talking. Our order also got misplaced so we waited almost two hours before our food came. Despite the 50% discount, we were not quite pleased with the service.Image

I ordered the “Get Down Miss Brown” which was essentially the pulled pork platter with two sides (also known as ‘fixin’s’). I opted for their famous mac n’ cheese and the sautéed okra but another mis-order and they gave me fried okra. Not a problem here, though, because they just brought out the sautéed ones as well. The pulled pork was juicy but the inside was still a little tough and bland, until I dumped the sweet BBQ sauce on it. The spicy varieties (hot and XXX) and the regular ones were okay but I like my sauce to be extra sweet. It was decent pulled pork nonetheless. The mac n’ cheese was very cheesy but the pasta was a bit overcooked and it was clearly heated up rather than made very fresh because the center was not exactly very warm. The sautéed okra, with tomatoes, was actually good but very greasy. The fried okra were great when dipped in more BBQ sauce.

I think when it is not so busy, the quality will improve. Not that it was bad, but I think the potential to be better is certainly there. Still, I am glad we have a place right on campus for some decent BBQ comfort food.

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