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Figgy Pears – Dafni Greek Taverna

on July 19, 2013

May 31, 2013
Dafni Greek Taverna, New York NY
Salata me Ahladi

ImageThere was barely anyone inside when we went to Dafni Greek Taverna for lunch. Our server was very friendly, however, and the atmosphere provided a quieter, more relaxing place than the bustling New York City streets.

The Salata me Ahladi had roasted pears, raisins, and dried figs over mesclun. It was supposed to be pecans instead of figs but I guess they ran out. Fine with me – I love figs too much! The portion was not huge but the pears were so sweet since they were brushed with either honey or syrup. I like everything that’s sweet so it was perfect for me.

Dafni Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon


One response to “Figgy Pears – Dafni Greek Taverna

  1. I just went to that place and had some good food. Surprising considering the location!

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