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Jerk Up the Spices – GiGi & Big R

April 30, 2013
GiGi & Big R, Philadelphia PA
Jerk Chicken

ImageComing back from center city, I passed by GiGi & Big R. I had heard the one by the 30th Street Station was better with bigger portions for the same price and it was late so they were one of the only ones still open.

The Jerk Chicken platter, $8 for a small, was quite large and very delicious. I did not realize just how spicy the jerk rub would be so my first bite of the part on the skin with a lot of spices took me by surprise. My mouth burned throughout that meal but I loved it. It was a bit salty at times but I enjoyed having some dark meat and not just the dry white meat. I am no expert on jerk chicken but the flavours were certainly beyond bold. I had for my two side Collard Greens and Mac n’ Cheese. The collards were good and a nice balance for all the spices. The mac n’ cheese got a little of the jerk sauce over it and I found the cheese a little bland with the macaroni slightly overcooked. At least it was homemade. 

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